Thanks to Our Amazing Guests in 2023!


As we bid farewell to Season One of our podcast series “Good News!”, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the phenomenal twenty-one guests who have shared their extraordinary messages of Good News with us. This eclectic ensemble spans across generations, an they encompass a kaleidoscope of talents: musicians, authors, poets, nonprofit executives, teachers, social activists, advocates, volunteers, podcasters, prophetic voices, laypersons, bishops, priests, and deacons. They are a testament to the beautiful diversity that enriches our world, transcending boundaries of race, sexual orientation, and background. While their paths may differ, they all share a resolute commitment – to make a difference, be it in the smallest acts of kindness or the grandest endeavors. Their willingness to grace us with their inspiring stories is something we hold in the highest regard and for which we are deeply grateful.

And a special thanks as well to you, our viewers and listeners. You are the reason we are creating “Good News!” If you’ve missed any episodes, every one of them is still available right here on our website. Click Good News in the menubar, select whatever looks interesting to you, and view or listen. Note that all video podcasts are also available on our YouTube Podcast channel, so head over there and subscribe today. And audio versions are on just about every podcast platform that there is.

But wait, there’s more! We’ll be back in 2024 with Season Two of Good News! In the meantime, we have a special “mini series” for you, coming at the end of November. More details comng soon.