Seeking Wisdom


A New Series of Conversations

Deacons Jon Shematek and Lauren Welch invite you to participate in our new eight-part weekly video series “Seeking Wisdom” .  How do we become wise?  What leads us to wisdom?   We will be pondering these and other questions as we reflect through scripture and sacred images how knowledge, will, emotions, senses and images inspire wisdom.  

Join us for all episodes on this site and be sure to Comment, Share and Like them. We hope that this will be a multi-person conversation to help bring people to greater understanding, faith and wisdom.

May 11Introduction. We show highlights from each episode of our upcoming series of weekly videos to give you a taste of the what and how of our conversations.

May 18. The Wise King. How did Solomon have the Wisdom to solve the dilemma of two women and one newborn baby?

May 25The Night Visitor. Nicodemus came to Jesus at night and made a surprising discovery about Wisdom, intellect and knowledge.

June 1. The Costly Perfume. Mary anoints the feet of Jesus, and finds Wisdom in being courageous and having the will to love.

June 8The Reunion. An emotional encounter between Joseph and his brothers. Can Wisdom come from our deepest feelings, yearnings and disappointments?

June 15. Senses. We imagine all the senses being engaged on the Day of Pentecost, and consider how whole-body experiences can lead us to Wisdom.

June 22Images. The parables of Jesus are rich in imagery, giving us yet another pathway to Wisdom. 

June 29BONUS session. Together we look upon the icon Holy Wisdom as we wrap up the series Seeking Wisdom.


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About Us

Jon Shematek is an Episcopal Deacon, retired after serving thirty years in seven varied parishes in the Diocese of Maryland. Jon is also a retired pediatric cardiologist; he practiced medicine for years and also served as the Chief Medical Officer of a multi-specialty medical group and a large health insurance plan. Jon’s current ministry is being formed by his interests in photography, graphic design, teaching, and web-based communications. He currently serves on the communications team at the Episcopal Cathedral of the Incarnation in Baltimore, Maryland and on the Commission on Ministry in the Diocese of Maryland.

Lauren Welch is an Episcopal Deacon, retired after serving thirty years in two parishes in the Diocese of Maryland and on Diocesan Staff in various roles as well as serving in leadership positions with the Association for Episcopal Deacons. Lauren’s secular employment included thirty years as a Medical Technologist functioning as blood bank supervisor, and ten years as chaplain at two Baltimore hospitals and a retirement community. Lauren retired to care for her granddaughter until she started school.  Now that her granddaughter is sixteen years old and doesn’t really need Nana around as much, Lauren is listening to where the Spirit may be calling her next. Lauren also continues her passion and interest in healing energy work as a Reiki Master.

Lauren and Jon have named our collection of programs Listening for Clues to highlight two essential words:

Listeningwhich we believe is the primary pathway to contemplating, healing and deepening relationships with the Divine One, with all creation, with others, and within ourselves.

Clueswhich are not solutions, but glimmers of guidance as we search for meaning, clarity and understanding through times of confusion, grief, and utter joy.

Why a ball of yarn?

The word “clue” comes from the Old English word “clewe,” meaning a ball of yarn or thread. In Greek mythology, the princess Ariadne fell in love with Theseus, and gave him a ball of thread so he could find his way out of the labyrinth and complete his purpose. This myth, with its “clewe,” a guiding ball of thread, seems like an apt metaphor for our journeys together, as we seek meaning and purpose.