Listening for Clues is pleased to offer our latest podcast series “Good News!” Read all about it below, and click on the Good News! buttons to enjoy our video and audio podcasts. We’ll publish a new episode every week until late November, 2023.

Our previous programs included series on  the Healing Miracles, Wisdom, a weekly Lenten program, and Daily Lenten Leditations. Click on the Curated Collections tab above to access any that are of interest.

The world desperately needs to hear some good news. Now more than ever. That’s why we’re bringing you our newest video and audio podcast series, which features interviews with people who are making a difference in all sorts of ways, small and large. What are they doing, why are they doing it, and how? If you are new to ListeningforClues, subscribe below to be notified of every new episode.

We are currently fully booked for conversations with  persons who are involved in bringing change for the good into conversation with us. Let us know if you, or someone else, might be interested in being interviewed for our 2024 season.

Please contact us using the comment box below  if you know of anyone who might be interested in participating.


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Lauren & Jon are available to lead retreats and for individual spiritual direction.  Email us HERE with your requests.

About Us

Jon Shematek is an Episcopal Deacon, retired after serving thirty years in seven varied parishes in the Diocese of Maryland. Jon is also a retired pediatric cardiologist; he practiced medicine for years and also served as the Chief Medical Officer of a multi-specialty medical group and a large health insurance plan. Jon’s current ministry is being formed by his interests in photography, graphic design, teaching, and web-based communications. He currently serves as the Communications Coordinator at the Episcopal Cathedral of the Incarnation in Baltimore, Maryland and as Co-chair of the Commission on Ministry in the Diocese of Maryland.

Lauren Welch is an Episcopal Deacon, retired after serving thirty years in two parishes in the Diocese of Maryland and on Diocesan Staff in various roles as well as serving in leadership positions with the Association for Episcopal Deacons. Lauren’s secular employment included thirty years as a Medical Technologist functioning as blood bank supervisor, and ten years as chaplain at two Baltimore hospitals and a retirement community. Lauren continues her passion and interest in healing energy work as a Reiki Master and Spiritual Director. Lauren is listening to where the Spirit is calling her in the labyrinth of life, responding one step at a time.

Lauren and Jon have named our collection of programs Listening for Clues to highlight two essential words:

Listeningwhich we believe is the primary pathway to contemplating, healing and deepening relationships with the Divine One, with all creation, with others, and within ourselves.

Clueswhich are not solutions, but glimmers of guidance as we search for meaning, clarity and understanding through times of confusion, grief, and utter joy.

Why a ball of yarn?

The word “clue” comes from the Old English word “clewe,” meaning a ball of yarn or thread. In Greek mythology, the princess Ariadne fell in love with Theseus, and gave him a ball of thread so he could find his way out of the labyrinth and complete his purpose. This myth, with its “clewe,” a guiding ball of thread, seems like an apt metaphor for our journeys together, as we seek meaning and purpose.