Discover Advent in Everyday MomentsĀ 

Embark on a journey as we dive into deeper meanings of the season of Advent! Every Monday leading up to each of the four Sundays in Advent, we invite you to join us for a captivating one-hour Zoom conversation. Let the timeless themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love come alive for you through brief video excerpts from some of our favorite “Good News!” episodes. But it doesn’t end there: together, we’ll explore how these profound themes are intricately woven into our daily lives, not just during Advent, but all year round. Get ready for thought-provoking presentations, lively discussions, and a wonderful sense of exploration. Secure your spot now by clicking the blue button to pre-register. Then check your email for the secure link to the Zoom sessions. Just one registration grants you access to four sessions.

And no worries if you can’t make it to all (or any) of the live sessions – we’ve got you covered. We’ll promptly post the podcast excerpts right here, on YouTube and just about all podcast platforms. It’s all free of charge, so don’t miss out on this extraordinary experience!

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Watch or Listen to Selected Podcast Excerpts

Discover Advent: HOPE

Discover Advent: PEACE

Discover Advent: JOY

Dec. 11 replay will be posted!

Discover Advent: LOVE

Dec. 18 replay will be posted!