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Welcome to Good News!

We are honored to have Lynn Shematek here today to talk with us about our new series “Good News!”

We are excited to introduce our newest series “Good News!” included in our Listening for Clues programs. Our website includes all of our previously published videos and audio podcasts. These have focused on scriptural reflections and Visio Divina exercises. In our new series, we are in conversation with people who are making a difference, large or small, in the lives of others. You may be inspired to participate with one of them, or to start something of your own. A new audio and video podcast will be available on our website each week; video podcasts may also be found on our YouTube podcast channel, and audio-only podcasts at your favorite podcast platform or on our Captivate podcast site.


[00:00:00] Introduction
[00:00:42] What is this about? Why are you doing it?
[00:01:52] Changing from our traditional format
[00:03:46] How will Good News multiply?
[00:04:58] Thanks to all

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