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Learn about the beginnings and growth of St. Luke’s Youth Center (SLYC), based on deep listening and relationships with families living in poverty in West Baltimore. SLYC is a collaborative of West Baltimore families working together to provide youth with critical resources, life-enriching experiences, and a safety-net of support.

We are honored to welcome our guest, Amanda Talbot . Amanda Gardner Talbot serves as director of St. Luke’s Youth Center (SLYC), a nonprofit organization in West Baltimore. SLYC empowers and employs local residents to develop programs that address the specific needs of their community. SLYC fosters civic engagement, advances education, creates economic opportunities and nurtures individuals’ self-direction. Amanda, a Baltimore City native, has a strong connection to the city and the Episcopal Diocese of MD. Her grandparents, Annie and Ed, helped establish the Guardian Angel food pantry and thrift shop. Her father, Van, served as Dean of the Cathedral.

00:00 SLYC
00:00 Introduction
01:49 SLYC: Beginnings
03:41 The Community
08:09 Challenges?
10:44 Surprises?
12:38 Community as Church
16:51 Camp Imagination
18:27 Role of Arts and Music in Lives of the Children
20:22 How Can People Help and Get Involved?
24:44 Future Plans
27:17 How Nonprofits and Churches Can Work Together
29:14 Thanks

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SLYC Website
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