As we continue our conversation this Lent, Lauren and Jon have been exploring the concept of fasting from thoughts, attitude and behaviors that are negative or destructive, and replacing them by feasting on a positive corollary. In this video, we consider fasting from neglect of others (and ourselves) and feasting on compassion. The classic example from the Christian witness comes from Luke’s story of the Good Samaritan, which raises a number of provocative questions. For us today, who are the injured, the vulnerable, persons who have been victimized in some way, or in need of our help? Why do we pass them by, when they are literally on the road we travel together? We speculate that one reason might be our individual focus not on the present moment, but on the past (with its disappointments, joys, brokenness, rich memories) or on the future (where we are going, our to-do lists). What are some reasons for you? We invite you to view the image in the video (below) that depicts the Good Samaritan and discover if you share our surprising reactions. We welcome your comments as we move through this Lenten journey in 2021.