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Kenya Connect: Support for Education in Rural Kenya

In this episode, we meet Sharon Runge, Executive Director of Kenya Connect (USA) as she introduces us to the amazing work her organization is doing in Kenya. While focused on improving the educational experience for impoverished students, Kenya Connect takes a broad, holistic view of the various support systems needed to improve and maintain learning. Sharon discusses the central role of establishing relationships with their key Kenyan counterparts, who are responsible for adapting the program to be culturally appropriate. She speaks from the heart about the needs of the people and how volunteers and donors can make a real difference in their lives. A truly inspiring story, and a mission worthy of support.

Dr. Sharon Runge is Executive of Kenya Connect (USA) a non-profit working in rural Kenya with the mission of enriching and engaging students and teachers with 21st century skills through a robust array of programs at 63 partner government schools. Sharon holds a Ph.D. from NYU and a MA from Boston College in Higher Education Administration and a BS from the University of New Hampshire in Child/Family studies.


[00:00:00] Welcome
[00:00:28] Introducing Sharon Runge
[00:01:28] How did you become interested in Kenya Connect?
[00:03:21] Expanding the mission
[00:07:07] How was Kenya Connect accepted initially?
[00:09:12] Developing Relationships
[00:10:14] What do volunteers do in Kenya?
[00:13:08] What obstacles have you encountered?
[00:15:09] A Story of Faith
[00:16:58] The Girl Boy Empowerment Program
[00:21:34] An amazing staff in Kenya
[00:22:32] How to help
[00:25:54] Thanks

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