How do images lead us to wisdom? What images have influenced your spiritual life? We will discuss these and other questions as we continue our series “Seeking Wisdom.” We’ve already taken a look at the wisdom of King Solomon and considered that his wisdom was a gift from God. Then we moved to the story of a dialogue between Jesus and Nicodemus where we recognized that wisdom was something that came to Nicodemus over the course of time. We discovered through the story of Mary ‘s devotion, relationship and love for Jesus that wisdom empowers us to live out God’s will, no matter the cost. In the story of the Joseph and his brothers we recognized how our emotions might lead us to insight, wisdom and reconciliation. Last week we reflected on the role our senses play in attaining wisdom as we explored the apostles’ experience on the Day of Pentecost. Today we are going to focus on images and how they might quiet our minds and potentially open us to the mystery of Divine Wisdom. Join the conversation and be sure to scroll down below the video to Comment, Share and Like it.