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Healing Through Music with Drum Dr. Dot

We are honored to have Dr. Dorothy Adamson Holley (aka Drum Dr. Dot) as our guest today. In this episode, Drum Dr. Dot talks about Drumetry, her creation in which she merges poetry with African drumming. Her story highlights the healing, transformative, unifying power of all music, and particularly the rhythmic music of the African drum. We are especially treated to a performance of her original Drumetry piece, “Enough.”

Dr. Dorothy Adamson Holley, aka Drum Dr. Dot, is a Developmental Psychologist and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who integrates psychology and spirituality in clinical practice. She is the Founder and psychotherapist of Breathe Holistic Counseling, and she specializes in working with clients who have not responded well to traditional treatment. Dr. Holley is the creator of Drumetry™, an art form that integrates African drumming and poetry. She is an author, recording artist, songwriter, vocalist, percussionist, dancer, harmonicist, and Healer Through Music. Dr. Holley is a proud member of the Baltimore-based band, Roses n Rust.

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00:00 Healing Through Music with Drum Dr. Dot
00:00 Intro
01:36 How did Drumetry get started?
03:47 When Dr. Dot Started Drumming
04:52 Drumming as a Woman
06:16 Mentors
06:51 m
07:50 Rhyrhm
08:35 Surprises
11:10 Transcending Barriers
13:08 Healing Power of Drumming
14:15 “Enough” A Drumetry Performance
20:25 How to Reach Drum Dr. Dot
23:27 Love and Forgiveness
25:29 Thanks

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