Join Lauren and Jon as we continue our journey through Lent in 2021. Each week we discuss a thought, attitude or behavior from which we can “fast,” or let go…and its corollary thought, attitude or behavior that we can embrace instead. This episode talks about fear: how it seems to be a primitive response to the unknown, to perceived threats, to the “different” or “other.” Despite the prevalence of our own fearful reactions, the Bible repeatedly, persistently, has the message “do not be afraid, fear not.” We invite you to look at the reasons behind our fears, and to consider the potential of trusting the Divine One. While our institutions have often failed us, and we have failed ourselves and the Divine Intention for all of creation, God’s steadfast love continues to be there, whenever and wherever we are on the journey. As always, we welcome your comments, shares and likes. Thanks for being with us!